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There are Small Business Leaders

 Unafraid to Dream Big

Leaders who may not have all the right circumstances.  But they have the ambition and fight to scale their business in America.

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There is a privilege in not having everything going your way.  It forces you to tap into your uniqueness.  It forces you to differentiate yourself, your brand, and your business.  Too often we try to follow others.  The truth is that what we think is our deficit, is actually our gift.

About Me

Over the last 24 years, I've helped multiple companies scale their revenue 2x to 5x in the American market. These companies have come from all over US and Europe, and in very diverse industries.

I grew up in very humble beginnings in America.  Through my journey, I realized that success came when I "leaned in" to my uniqueness, used all my successes and failures as fuel, and but stay true to grounded principles for success.

 My work has lead to delivering product/services to 80+ countries.  I've led global commerical teams of 60+ people, and traveled to 42 countries. I'm conversant in English, French, and Spanish.  

I'm now based in Geneva, Switzerland, integrated into Swiss culture.  But my heart has always been about taking the lessons I've learned in America, and helping others accomplish their goals in the United States.  

What drives me?


By finding ways to play to my clients' strengths, giving them confidence that they can execute, and creating new value. 

The "Underdog"

Because underdogs are fighters and have to dig deep to use the tools around them to beat the odds.


Because breaking through cultural barriers and finding common ground is the key to selling in new markets.


Because their no greater feeling than seeing people grow into their potential and  reach new levels of success.

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GET SCALE Newsletter

Delivering high- impact business insights and tips to scale your SME in America

We never spam or sell your information.


Just some of the results I've helped teams get in the past.

$1.6M USD in New Growth

Go-to-Market Strategy /Industrial

We designed the GTM and training strategy for a US-based industrial instrumentation manufacturer to enter a new market. Led to $1.6M USD in new growth, and a 267% increase in product revenue.

360% Growth in Services

Sales Optimization /
Business Services

We optimized the sales process for a business services team to drive 360% growth in services, which in-turn allowed upselling that led to a 16% growth in product business.

324% Growth in One Year

Revenue Increase / Instrumentation

Revenue Increase / Instrumentation

We reorganized the sales channel for a laboratory instrumentation provider to increase revenue by 324% in one year and reduce costs by 45%.

545% Increase in Leads

Lead Generation / SaaS

We redesigned the lead generation program for a Swiss SaaS start-up, resulting in 545% more leads, and a CPL reduction of 76%.

What others Say


We grew by nearly 400%.  We were skeptical at first, but he reassured us.  It was a great success.  Link's methods helped change the our expectation for what was possible in the US market.

CEO, C-Therm  Technologies


Link‘s principled, even-keeled approach to reading usually rocky business climates allows him to quickly discern, and to then build organized and successful roadmaps for growth. 

Chemicals Executive in 3 Public Companies and then CEO, Founder/Lead Partner of 3 Startups

"Highly Recommended"

 If you're already good or great at what you do—or not, Link Brown will make you better at that, and at the other stuff that drags you down, or blocks your potential. Within a few weeks of our first session I was making double the money, and getting better clients—all through his coaching and explaining the power of reframing. Think of reframing like compound interest—only more powerful. I highly recommend Link  for people who have "arrived," or are on their way.

TED Global  Speaker, Author

"Exponential Mindset"

Link is one of those individuals who not only possesses the social skills to connect with people of all walks of life, but also has a way of being direct with them in such an authentic way. He’s a constant student, always seeking answers, learning new skills, and pushing himself and others in the process.

Link is a passionate leader that is constantly looking for ways to ‘hack’ the system. To improve. To excel. Never accepting the status quo, he’s constantly striving for ways to change, accelerate and grow. When we speak, he’s always challenging my mindset, causing me to stretch, a little, every time. And I’m better for it... He definitely lives in an ‘exponential’ mindset.

COO, Calmwave, Medtech Advisor and Investor

Subscribe to the
GET SCALE Newsletter

Delivering high- impact business insights and tips to scale your SME in America

We never spam or sell your information.


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