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Just some of the results I've helped teams get in the past.

$1.6M USD in New Growth

Go-to-Market Strategy /Industrial

We designed the GTM and training strategy for a US-based industrial instrumentation manufacturer to enter a new market. Led to $1.6M USD in new growth, and a 267% increase in product revenue.

360% Growth in Services

Sales Optimization /
Business Services

We optimized the sales process for a business services team to drive 360% growth in services, which in-turn allowed upselling that led to a 16% growth in product business.

324% Growth in One Year

Revenue Increase / Instrumentation

Revenue Increase / Instrumentation

We reorganized the sales channel for a laboratory instrumentation provider to increase revenue by 324% in one year and reduce costs by 45%.

545% Increase in Leads

Lead Generation / SaaS

We redesigned the lead generation program for a Swiss SaaS start-up, resulting in 545% more leads, and a CPL reduction of 76%.

Industries we serve

We specialize in working with small and mid-sized businesses, in the B2B industrial and SaaS companies. But we have helped companies in various industries 2x to 5x their revenue in America.







We help Companies from Everywhere

Maybe you're a small or mid-sized business from the US.  

  • ​Just Starting US Sales:  Need to create a strategy with agility and potential
  • Current US Sales but Stagnant or Limited Traction:  Re-evaluate options and create new targeted strategy without heavy capital investment.
  • Strong US Sales and Want to Optimize for Growth: Discover untapped opportunities for growth and scale, identify key areas of improvement. Create and execute agile optimization plans to get results

Chemicals Executive in 3 Public Companies and then CEO, Founder/Lead Partner of 3 Startups

Link‘s principled, even-keeled approach to reading usually rocky business climates allows him to quickly discern, and to then build organized and successful roadmaps for growth. 

Let's Connect  And Get Started On Your Journey To Success!

Change Your Expectation 

We grew by nearly 400%.  We were skeptical at first, but he reassured us.  It was a great success.  Link changed our expectation for what was possible in the US market.

CEO, C-Therm  Technologies

Work We Do

Done-for-You and Done with-You services to give you the strategy and tools drive success in your business.

Value Proposition

Data Analysis

Product Messaging

Lead Generation

Channel Strategy

Support/Service Strategy


KPI/OKR Development

Pilot Development


Customer & Team Surveys

Fundraising/Investor Support

Our Plans

Your business is just starting their journey in US

Call for Price


Complete business audit, and  Strategic Plan for Accelerated Growth using the 7 Pillars

  • ​ Complete audit of business in Europe/primary region
  • ​Opportunities for growth in America
  • ​Value Proposition for Lead Product​
  • ​​Messaging Package
  • ​Lead Generation Strategy
  • ​​Business Hook
  • ​​​Sales Channel Strategy
  • ​​​Service Strategy
  • ​​​KPI Recommendations
  • ​6 Strategic reviews

You have US business, but stagnant or dissatisfied with results 

Call for Price


Complete Audit, Detailed strategic plans options (2), with 7 pillars defined for each.

  • Complete audit of 2 year business performance
  • ​Re-Defining Opportunities for growth
  • ​Value Proposition for Lead Product
  • ​Message Package
  • ​​Lead Generation Strategy
  • ​​Hook Strategy
  • ​​Sales Channel Strategy
  • ​​Service Channel Strategy
  • ​​KPI Recommendations​
  • ​​3 Strategic Reviews

You have strong product/market fit,  now optimize for scale.

Call for Price


Complete Audit to find all areas growth within organization and Done-With-You Implementation.

  • Strategic plan with key areas of improvement, and overview of pilot strategies for testing.
  • ​Key Performance indicator recommendations
  • ​​​​Overview of pilot programs to test effective strategies
  • ​​​Priority Recommendations
  • ​​​6 Strategic Reviews
  • ​Results Guarantee, based on agreed upon ​outcomes.

All plans include:

  • ​Leadership Interview and Alignment
  • Managers interview and workshop (if desired)
  • ​Customer Survey (if desired)
  • ​Team Survey (if desired)
  • ​Strategic Reviews to optimize results

We want to ensure success.  So we either work just with leadership, or if they desire, with their team and managers to help with implementation.  

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